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The Program offers a series of services designed to build better leaders and more cohesive teams. We customize all of our services according to each client’s requirements, as every team we work with is made up of a unique group of people with specific personalities, talents, strengths and weaknesses. Whatever your team’s situation may be, The Program can help your athletes become “that much better” through the practice of improved leadership and team cohesion.

Athletic Services Overview

Judgment Day

Judgment Day is our flagship service. Teams that enroll in Judgment Day experience a customized, two-day intensive program that pushes athletes outside of their mental and physical comfort zones and trains them to achieve success through improved leadership and coordinated team effort.

Day 1 focuses on challenging an athlete’s tendency to rely on personal individuality and talent. This involves pushing each individual to the limits of his or her capabilities in order to drive home the core message that talent is not sufficient to win the day.

With this lesson fresh in their minds, on Day 2 athletes are presented with a new set of challenges and given objectives that can only be accomplished through the exercise of peer leadership and coordinated team effort. Through these exercises, the athletes are trained both to lead and follow, and to practice a team-before-self mentality when facing adversity.

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Leadership Consulting Day

One to two Program Leadership Instructors will spend an entire day with the team and will conduct or participate in the team’s workout, attend/review practice, and meet with individual student-athletes and coaches to discuss relevant team building and leadership development topics. While there are a number of areas that can be covered, a few topics commonly discussed are accountability, effective communication, decision-making, standards, and overcoming adversity. For more information about our Leadership Consulting Days, please contact us.

Consulting for Coaches

The Program also offers customized consulting services for coaches on the finer points of leadership development and team-building. Potential areas of focus include: how to develop better team leaders and teammates, defining team goals and standards, captain selection, and a discussion of the most frequently asked questions by other clients of The Program. Whatever a client’s consulting requirements, our goal remains the same: providing coaches with the tools and support they need to successfully inspire and lead their teams to become “that much better.”

Keynote Speaking Engagements

Featuring Founder and CEO Eric Kapitulik

In addition to our hands-on training services, The Program also offers keynote speaking engagements featuring our Founder and CEO, Eric Kapitulik. In his speech, Eric will stress the importance of not relying on our natural talent, but rather of challenging ourselves and our teammates by continuously forcing ourselves outside of our comfort zones. Eric will highlight how making a commitment to The Program’s Ethos and 3 Core Principles forces us to do so, while drawing from his experiences as a collegiate athlete, U.S. Marine Corps Officer, ultra-endurance athlete, and high-altitude mountaineer.

Eric has spoken to hundreds of high schools, colleges, corporations, and non-profit organizations and is universally recognized as a dynamic and highly engaging speaker. Regardless of your context, if you are seeking to inspire your team to become “that much better,” consider inviting Eric to speak. For more information, please contact us.

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