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What Is The Program?

Leadership Development and Team Building

For Corporate, Government, Educational, and Non-Profit Organizations

Run by Experienced, Passionate Professionals

Battle-Tested Ethos and Training Techniques

Services Tailored to Each Client’s Needs

NOT a Fitness or Boot Camp Company

Who We Work With

What Our Clients Say About Us

In a few short hours, The Program clearly and concisely conveyed and clarified countless key leadership concepts. In addition, the shared adversity element of The Program causes the adrenaline to flow, and that adrenalin serves to etch these leadership lessons into each participant’s brain. Unlike a speech or a classroom, where leadership examples fade with each passing minute, the memories and lessons from this experience not only won’t be forgotten, they CAN’T be forgotten.”

— Jay Jester, Managing Director

Audax Private Equity

Success is the end result, but what is the formula to get there? The Program has the answer, and it wasn’t what we expected, but we can’t argue with results. Leadership at every level of our organization has keyed into the needs of the whole, and we are stronger, more aligned and more focused than we were before we went through The Program… ‘Every man for himself’ has become ‘One team, One Voice’ and the outcome has been astounding.”

— Marc de Grandpre, General Manager

The New York Red Bulls

Yesterday one of our leaders came up to me and said that our session last week was life-changing. In this business it’s so difficult to find partners that can help us bring our vision for a program to life. That is what you and your team have done for us. Please extend my gratitude to the entire Program Team…”

— HR Director

Nationwide Insurance

I wanted to sincerely thank the both of you… I’ve since used the confidence and inner strength I found from your services to tell [my boss] that I am interested in managing one of my roles at Oomph Inc and expanding it… But the greatest benefit I’ve gotten is that it’s changed me as a person. I’m still the same person at the core, but now I’m able to use the strengths I’ve always known I’ve had and use them in a leadership role. I have been able to access my sense of agency and find my voice in my personal and professional life. I feel more empowered than I ever have… I keep joking with my wife and family that who would have thought that I would excel at a program led by two Marines?”

— Jon Clark, QA Lead / Front End Developer

Oomph, Inc.

Following our weekend management retreat in Maine we sent out a survey to all attendees and every one of the 35 people that responded rated The Program’s training ‘effective’ to ‘extremely effective.’”

Selected Participant Quotes: “It was the best training course I’ve ever experienced… The physical aspect seemed manageable for everyone, even non-athletes. The Program did a great job emphasizing the importance of overall success (versus simply winning the race) and the importance of helping others achieve success… I liked the option to cheer the teams on if you didn't want to do the physical part. It was very motivational… [The Program] gave me a lot of individual feedback that I can use every day.”

— Eric Anderson, EVP

Cummings Properties