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The Program offers a series of services designed to build better leaders and more cohesive teams. We customize all of our services according to each client’s requirements, as every team we work with is made up of a unique group of people with specific personalities, talents, strengths and weaknesses. Whatever your team’s situation may be, The Program can help the members of your organization become “that much better” through the practice of improved leadership and team cohesion.

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The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge is our flagship experiential training service. It comes in four versions: Small Boat, Log Pole, Wilderness, and Combat Mindset. The process begins with a short classroom session explaining our Ethos, our Core Principles, and the Standards that reinforce them. Together, these form the intellectual foundation of better leadership and teamwork. Immediately afterwards, participants are given an opportunity to put their newfound knowledge to use in a challenging, stressful environment. In this context, participants are pushed outside of their respective comfort zones, and are placed in both leadership and followership roles so that they may develop in both capacities. Through this experience, participants learn that their team’s overall success (both in the training and in the real world) depends not on individual talent, but rather on the ability to be both good leaders and good followers.

Leadership Consulting Day

Leadership Consulting Day consists of small group work in a classroom setting with a primary focus on individual and team-based leadership styles. Topics covered include Individual and Team Values and Motivation, Standards vs. Goals, and Creating a Culture of Accountability. As a building block, these tools help lay a foundation for success and can be used to segue into additional topics for discussion based on the organization’s specific goals and needs.

Culture Consulting for Executives

The Program staff will assist corporate leaders with defining their culture and then effectively communicating it throughout their organization. The organization’s mission statement will be reviewed, and our team will assist with selecting and defining core values, goals and standards. Finally, we will assist with ensuring that a commitment to enforcing these values, goals and standards is maximized throughout the organization.

Corporate Retreats

The Program can host your team or company’s next corporate retreat. The Program will provide a day-long experiential and classroom training event focused on the daily challenges faced by business leaders and teams. The experiential portion of the training will reinforce and test the resolve and commitment level of individual team members to The Program’s Ethos and Core Principles, and will also help them develop better communication skills and accountability. The classroom portion of the training will incorporate small group work with a primary focus on defining your team’s core values, standards and goals, as well as developing a culture that is committed to reinforcing these on a daily basis. Both the experiential and classroom training segments can also be conducted on an a la carte basis, if desired.

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Keynote Speaking Engagements

Featuring Founder and CEO Eric Kapitulik

In addition to our hands-on training services, The Program also offers keynote speaking engagements featuring our Founder and CEO, Eric Kapitulik. In his speech, Eric will stress the importance of not relying on our natural talent, but rather of challenging ourselves and our teammates by continuously forcing ourselves outside of our comfort zones. Eric will highlight how making a commitment to The Program’s Ethos and 3 Core Principles forces us to do so, while drawing from his experiences as a collegiate athlete, U.S. Marine Corps Officer, ultra-endurance athlete, and high-altitude mountaineer.

Eric has spoken to hundreds of high schools, colleges, corporations, and non-profit organizations and is universally recognized as a dynamic and highly engaging speaker. Regardless of your context, if you are seeking to inspire your team to become “that much better,” consider inviting Eric to speak. For more information, please contact us.

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