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Leadership Development and Team Building

Run by Experienced, Passionate Professionals

Services Tailored to Each Client’s Needs

For Professional and Collegiate Athletes, Teams and Coaches

Battled-Tested Ethos and Training Techniques

NOT a Strength and Conditioning Company

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What Clients Say About Us

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“The Program worked with our prospects at our development camp to see first-hand what is meant by ‘we do ONE MORETM’ and also to stress the importance of teamwork. You could see our players start to figure it out in just a couple of days. If The Program was around when I was a player, I would have loved to have gone through this training.”

— Cam Neely

President, The Boston Bruins

“I hired The Program to work with my team and as much as they got out of it, my coaching staff and I got even more!”

— Bo Pelini

Head Coach, University of
Nebraska Football

“Talent allows us to beat some teams, but our culture helps us to compete for championships. The Program helps reinforce our culture and it is why they will work with us every year that I am the Head Coach.”

— John Tillman

Head Coach, University of
Maryland Men’s Lacrosse

“In 25 years of coaching, The Program is the best training I have ever seen.”

— Ed Cooley

Head Coach, Providence
College Men’s Basketball

“Working with The Program helped our team immeasurably this season. The Program instructors reinforced the culture we have been building at The University of Tennessee. The Program helped our athletes and staff become more focused on mission accomplishment, building a warrior’s mindset, and holding each other accountable. These lessons, while not specific to the sport of Softball, translated to the field and greatly contributed to our success this season.”

— Ralph and Karen Weekly

Co-Head Coaches, University of
Tennessee Softball